Best ice cream treats in Regina!

City of Regina

Beautiful summers filled with nights by the campfire, ice-cold drinks on the patio, strolls through the 12th Avenue market, and tours through Wascana Park are some of Regina’s favorite summer activities. On the contrary, we also experience frigidly cold temperatures in the winter months that dip down to -50 degrees Celsius. That doesn’t stop the locals and visitors from embracing the cold and getting out of their homes! During the summer months, be sure to check out some of these hidden gems to grab the best ice cream treats in town if you are planning a stop in Regina during your family holidays in Canada!

Dandy’s Artisan Ice Cream – 4570 Albert Street

Dandy's ice cream

Located in the south end of Regina, Dandy’s is one of our newer ice cream shops in town. Danby’s offers a wide selection of homemade gourmet ice cream treats that will tantalize your tongue! From Strawberry Honeycomb to London Fog to Blueberry Pie Crumble, Dandy’s has something for everyone! They are constantly coming up with new house made recipes, so there are also new and exciting flavors!

Dandy’s also strives to be a green company by using compostable to-go packaging, using eco-friendly products, sourcing local ingredients, reducing waste by recycling, and finding ways to reuse or compost their food scraps. Dandy’s has an eat-in area where ice cream treats can be enjoyed any time of year!

Fresh & Sweet – 2500 Victoria Ave

My son enjoying a Fresh & Sweet ice cream treat.

Located in downtown Regina, Fresh & Sweet is exactly that! Sweet and savory menu items that will satisfy all of your heart’s desires! Combined with Fresh Carnival on the east side of the building, the two come together to create an experience like no other! Fresh & Sweet focuses on breakfast and lunch. You can expect to find sweet and savory breakfast items, panini sandwiches, wraps, and soups on their food menu. Meanwhile, Fresh Carnival offers homemade burgers, hotdogs, and a variety of poutines.

On the sweet side, there is undoubtedly no limit to their imaginations! Gourmet cupcakes, cookies, candied apples, milkshakes, Italian sodas, and coffees! My son’s favorite ice cream treat is the cookies n’ creme milkshake, as you can see! Lattes are my favorite, particularly the s’mores one. Fresh & Sweet is also a licensed restaurant where they offer a few drinks containing alcohol. If you are staying in Regina, or just passing through, add Fresh & Sweet as one of your must-visit places!

Dessarts – 3036 13th Ave – ice cream treats and candy

Dessart Sweets Ice Cream & Candy Store

13th Avenue Regina is the place to be during Regina’s summer months. This is our city’s arts and culture district where you can find something for everyone. Dessarts Sweets – Ice Cream and Candy Store is one of the places to visit when perusing the shops. Opening in 2002, here you can find retro and other “hard to find” sweets, as well as decades-themed candy bags. Adults and children alike will find themselves wrapped in wonder and nostalgia when they enter the doors of this magical place!

The interior is open all year long, but from spring to fall, they open up their patio where you can order outside and enjoy ice cream treats with friends. They offer soft serve, hard ice cream, sorbet, vegan options, and their own specialty creations! From a traditional vanilla ice cream cone to a peanut butter pickle sundae to a bacon breakfast sundae, Dessarts has a multitude of ice cream novelties. My son’s favorite thing to do is grab one of their pops to create an ice cream float with! This becomes the local hangout for our children and teenagers after BMX practice. Find out more about Dessarts here!

Elle’s To Go – 2811 13th Avenue

Elle's To Go

Another stop in Regina’s arts and culture district! Elle’s uses fair trade and locally sourced ingredients in their menu. They offer “to go” service on their ice cream treats from spring to fall. They also have an eat-in area where you can find specialty coffees, baked goods, gourmet sandwiches, and housemade soups! Elle’s Dill Pickle Soup, a recipe that has been in the family for 150 years, is a MUST try!

Elle’s is famous for their multitude of Dole Whip dairy-free options. The Cookie Monster sundae will satisfy the sweet tooth in your family! This mountain of ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, and Oreo cookie crumbles is a dessert you won’t soon forget! For the fur baby in your family, donating to the Regina Humane Society will get your pup a “bone cone”!

Milky Way – 910 Victoria Avenue

People lined up at the Milky Way waiting for their ice cream treats.

For over 60 years, the Milky Way has been serving ice cream treats to its beloved community. Sisters-in-law, Carole and Anne Boldt have been welcoming customers for over 30 years together. Open from spring to fall, this walk-up storefront gives you the sentimental feeling of walking up to the window of an ice cream truck. It can be seen lined up down the street even when the temperatures are below zero. From shakes to parfaits to frozen yogurt to cakes, the Milky Way is your one-stop shop for anything ice cream.

The Milky Way is constantly adding new and unusual flavors, and one might find french toast, funky monkey, black jack cherry yogurt, and pistachio flavors on their menu. The Milky Way also has containers of ice cream to go! They have coffee ice cream, chocolate & dark brownie, super avocado, and creamy strawberry.

Marble Slab Creamery – 5552 Rochdale Blvd.

Marble Slab Creamery ice cream treat

Marble Slab Creamery in Regina attracts guests with ice cream treats that promise an extraordinary summer experience. From the moment you step through the door, the scent of freshly churned ice creams and the sight of colorful toppings create a sense of joy. The attraction of Marble Slab lies not only in its diverse selection of flavors but also in the craftsmanship that turns each visit into a personalized masterpiece.

Marble Slab has specialty ice cream sandwiches on its menu, one being the cotton candy ice cream between chocolate chip cookies! Ice cream sandwiches are available to-go in packs of 6 with each being a different flavor combination. They also have to-go self-serve ice cream bars for groups of 10-50 if you’re wanting to enjoy your ice cream treats away from the store.

Whether it’s that delicious chocolate coating on your sundae, the scrumptious strawberry shortcake sundae, or the satisfying crunch of toppings mingling with creamy swirls, Marble Slab Creamery captures the essence of summertime joy with every bite.

In conclusion…

Regina may not be one of the most sought-after destinations in the winter due to our freezing temperatures, but all that means is that we make the most of our summers! Regular trips to get ice cream treats are a significant part of life in my family! Indulging in ice cream treats during the warmth of Regina’s summer offers an enjoyable experience. As the sun casts its golden glow upon the city streets, there’s magic in savoring a scoop of cool, creamy goodness, whether it’s a classic vanilla cone or an adventurous ice cream novelty.

The act of sharing laughter while enjoying these frozen delights creates memories that linger long after the last bite. Regina’s ice cream parlors not only provide an escape from the heat but also serve as places for creating connections and celebrating the simple joys of life. So, as summer winds down, let the sweet taste of these frozen treasures serve as a reminder of the carefree moments and the joyous spirit that define the season in this vibrant Canadian city.

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