A Day at the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum, and More!

A day at the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum, commonly known as the Royal Tyrrell Museum, has the largest collection of dinosaur remains in North America! It’s like stepping into a portal that transports you back millions of years. To an era when colossal creatures ruled the Earth. Located in southern Alberta, Canada, this museum offers an opportunity to explore the world of paleontology and dinosaurs!

As you enter, you’ll find yourself surrounded by science and history. Prepare to be amazed when the mysteries of prehistoric life come to life before your eyes. Leaving your family with an understanding of the planet’s incredible past.

Dinosaur Hall

Dinosaur Hall at the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Hall at the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum represents the greatness and diversity of Earth’s prehistoric inhabitants. As you step into this space, you’re greeted by towering skeletal reconstructions and fossil displays that create wonder and curiosity. Each exhibit transports you to a different epoch, showcasing the incredible range of dinosaurs that once roamed the planet.

From the monumental Tyrannosaurus Rex to the graceful Triceratops and the lesser-known but equally fascinating species, the Dinosaur Hall offers a trip through time. Allowing you to learn about these creatures’ anatomy and the environments they lived in.

The hall’s interactive displays and educational stories provide an opportunity to witness the relics of the past. The museum will help you gain an appreciation for the ongoing scientific discoveries that continue to shape our understanding of Earth’s history.

Palaeo Play Park

The museum’s outdoor playground offers an engaging space for the children in your family. It’s suitable for kids ages 3-12. Designed to blend education and entertainment, the playground allows children and families to channel their inner paleontologists while having fun. The playground includes a life-sized excavation site!

As children climb, slide, and play, they’re not only enjoying themselves but also developing an understanding of the creatures that once roamed the Earth. The museum’s playground thus serves as an extension of its educational mission. Visiting the playground will provide a memorable and interactive experience that will enrich your overall visit.

Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller stands as an inviting hub of discovery and interactive exploration. This space provides visitors with an opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and educational workshops. It provides a hands-on experience with paleontology and natural history!

With its interactive exhibits, multimedia resources, and knowledgeable staff, the Learning Lounge serves is a great place to keep your little ones busy! Here, visitors of all ages can enhance their understanding of Earth’s past, and participate in a variety of experiences.

Cretaceous Garden

The Cretaceous Garden at the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum

Found in the center of the museum is this amazing garden! It is a living representation of the ecosystems that existed during the Cretaceous period. This beautiful indoor space invites visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in an environment similar to prehistoric Alberta.

With a collection of native plants and trees that recreate the landscapes of that era, the garden offers an opportunity to connect with the past on a sensory level. Displays and signage further enrich the experience by providing insights into the flora and fauna that coexisted with dinosaurs millions of years ago.

The Cretaceous Garden is not just a horticultural wonder, but also a passage into the sights and scents of a distant past. The garden teaches us about relationships between plants, animals, and their environments throughout history.

Gift Shop

A treasure trove of paleontology-inspired delights that extends the magic of the museum experience! The gift shop provides visitors with a chance to take a piece of prehistory home with them. From dinosaur replicas and fossils to educational books, puzzles, and clothing, there’s something for every enthusiast to appreciate.

The shop’s collection allows visitors to continue exploring the wonders of paleontology long after they’ve left the museum halls. Whether seeking a memento or an educational keepsake, the gift shop offers an opportunity to extend one’s connection to the ancient world and share that enthusiasm with others.

Other Things to Do in Drumheller

Beyond its paleontological attractions, Drumheller presents a range of diverse activities that add depth to your visit. The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site provides a glimpse into the region’s coal mining heritage. The mine offers guided tours 3 times a day through the mine and historic structures.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the expansive Dinosaur Provincial Park invites you to hike the badlands scenery while discovering its fossil-rich landscape.

The Homestead Antique Museum showcases a charming collection of vintage artifacts, transporting you back to early pioneer days.

Embrace the artistic side of Drumheller by exploring local galleries and studios, where you can admire and acquire unique works of art inspired by the area’s natural beauty.

To truly soak in the landscape, take a highway road trip through the rolling hills and jagged formations of the badlands. Be on the lookout for Canadian wildlife along the way! Whether you’re drawn to history, nature, art, or simply the thrill of exploration, Drumheller offers activities that complement its paleontological attractions.


How long does it take to do the Drumheller Museum?

A family’s visit to the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum can span around 2 to 4 hours. This timeframe allows time to explore the galleries, engage with interactive exhibits, and enjoy the outdoor spaces like the playground. It even allows time for refreshment breaks and a visit to the gift shop.

Families can take as much or as little time as needed, depending on their interests. With the range of attractions and activities available, the museum provides an experience suitable for both children and adults.

How much is the museum in Drumheller?

I recommend checking the official Royal Tyrrell Museum website or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date information regarding admission fees. However, during our visit, a family pass was $50 CAD and covers 2 adults and up to 6 children. Adults aged 18-64 are $21, seniors are $14, youth aged 7-17 are $10, and children under 6 are free. Additionally, if you visit during the Alberta Culture Days in September, admission is free.

Is Drumheller worth the visit?

Drumheller is undoubtedly worth the visit for anyone interested in Earth’s past, dinosaurs, and geological wonders. The town offers an adventure into the prehistoric world both inside the museum and outside of it. The entire town is full of dinosaur memorabilia! From the world’s largest dinosaur to the tiniest dinosaur in front of someone’s house.

The hoodoos in Drumheller

Beyond the museum’s walls, the badlands of Drumheller display eroded canyons, towering hoodoos, and rock formations that transport you to the distant past. My kids loved exploring the hoodoos! Whether exploring outdoor trails, standing among dinosaur remains, or exploring into the coal mining history that shaped the region, Drumheller offers an experience that combines education, adventure, and a connection to the Earth’s history.

In conclusion…

A visit to the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum, promises a journey through time that engages the curious minds of all ages. From the exhibits that reveal the secrets of prehistoric life to the learning experiences that create a passion for science, the museum is a place of education and wonder.

Beyond the museum’s walls, Drumheller itself calls with its mesmerizing badlands landscape. Whether you’re a paleontology enthusiast or a curious traveler, the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum has an opportunity to learn about Earth’s history. Consequently leaving you with an appreciation for the creatur

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