Do You Dare Visit the Valley of 1000 Devils?

Welcome to a territory of both breathtaking beauty and eerie mystique – the Valley of 1000 Devils in Saskatchewan. Located in the East Block of Grasslands National Park in the Canadian prairies. This mysterious landscape begs adventurers and curious souls to travel its terrain. As you enter this otherworldly valley, you’ll be fascinated by its rugged canyons and ancient rock formations. Prepare to go on a hike that blends the awe-inspiring with the uncanny. Step foot into a place where nature’s wonders and mysteries come together!

Grasslands National Park-Home of the Valley of 1000 Devils

Hiking at the Valley of 1000 Devils

The Valley of 1000 Devils trail is an 11 Kilometer challenging hike for the adventurers in your family. Recently, a proper trailhead sign and nearly 200 off-white trail flags have been added. The devils route wanders through hoodoos and mixed prairie grasses before passing through the basin of Hellfire Creek. The trail then leads you to the gateway of the rocky badlands where visitors can explore the clay buttes, steep-sided drainages, and a picture-taking destination.

This renewed hike, across terrain that’s typically 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the park, is still considered a remote wilderness experience and rated as “difficult”. Recently, it has become accessible to more hikers who set off from the Rock Creek campground and visitor center hub.

The trail can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to complete. In this badlands environment, trail users may experience the day’s temperatures differently than in other areas due to the absence of cooling winds and heat-absorbing, clay soil. I recommend planning to hike in the early morning or early evening and to prepare for extreme heat. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water as none will be available along the way!

If you think you have what it takes, get ready to set out on a lively hike! Wind through the valley’s canyons, and see impressive rock formations sculpted by time itself. For the explorer, hill climbing opportunities are present, allowing you to view the vast Saskatchewan landscape. As you pass through this mixed grass prairie, keep an eye out for the flora and fauna that call this terrain home.

For those seeking a more reflective quest, immerse yourself in the valley’s spiritual surroundings. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of outdoor adventure or the peacefulness of ancient mysteries, the Valley of 1000 Devils promises a remarkable adventure of discovery in one of Canada’s most unique national parks.

Visitor Center

The Rock Creek visitor center stands as a gateway to an extraordinary adventure. The center welcomes explorers, providing a wealth of information and resources to enhance your journey. Knowledgeable park rangers are on hand to offer guidance, sharing tales of the valley’s geological marvels, indigenous history, and ecological significance.

Engaging exhibits and interactive displays highlight the mysteries that surround the valley. Trail maps and safety tips ensure that every adventure is ready for the day. The visitor center serves as a hub of curiosity, getting ready for a day at the Valley of 1000 Devils, and is the central location for the East Block guided programs.


Accommodations near the Valley of 1000 Devils cater to a range of preferences, ensuring an experience amidst the natural beauty. For those seeking a true connection with the outdoors, tent, and RV camping options are available at the Rock Creek Campground.

The campground offers front country camping at the main entrance to the East Block of Grasslands National Park. It includes a cook shelter and the Rock Creek bridge, 50 amp service RV/tent campsites, eight oTentik units (glamping), picnic tables, pit toilets, potable water, a vault toilet, a community firepit, Wi-Fi, and a day-use picnic area.

Additionally, adventurous souls can venture into the backcountry, where wilderness camping permits offer a chance to explore more remote areas while leaving minimal trace.


Where is the Valley of 1000 Devils located?

The Valley of 1000 Devils is located in the East Block of Grasslands National Park. The park covers a large area in southern Saskatchewan (just north of Montana). A province known for its endless prairie grasslands. As you journey through the province, the Valley of 1000 Devils awaits, offering its unique canyons, ancient rock formations, and an aura of mystique that calls curious souls to explore its interesting land. The Valley of 1000 Devils unfolds as a geological marvel in a landscape characterized by vast prairies and natural wonders.

What else can I do at Grasslands National Park (East Block)?

Creak to Peak Trail

The Creek to Peak Trail is a short but moderately difficult 750-meter trail that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Wind up the hill along this mowed path to a rewarding peek of the Rock Creek valley and badlands beyond. The early morning sunshine makes this view especially beautiful.

Rock Creek Trail

Stroll this mowed path for a bird’s eye view of Rock Creek. This trail has a rating of “easy”, is about 2 kilometers long, and takes about 1 hour to complete.

Fossil Fever

The Fossil Fever program offers an opportunity for aspiring paleontologists and curious minds to unearth the secrets of prehistoric life. The Grasslands National Park Badlands were the site of one of the first discoveries of dinosaur fossils in Canada. The program invites participants to step back in time while and join park staff in hands-on fossil exploration.

Guided by paleontologists from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, visitors have the chance to dig for ancient treasures for 5 hours. While discovering fossilized remains of creatures that once roamed the area, gain insight into the region’s natural history. Pre-registration is required as spaces are limited.


Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt that unites technology with adventure, inviting participants to explore the area in a unique and engaging way. Using GPS coordinates and often aided by smartphone apps, geocachers go on quests to locate hidden containers, known as “caches,” that are stashed in various locations throughout the park.

Within the East Block of the park, there are 2 separate geocaching routes available on the global GPS caching site. One is the “Discover the Secrets of the Badlands”. This route includes 6 geocaches and covers a distance of 12 kilometers. Each cache has a short story about the history of the badlands.

The other route is, “Kids Go Geocaching”. This shorter route has 3 caches to find along the Creak to Peak Trail. Along the way, kids can watch for wildlife, learn about the homesteaders or maybe even discover a dinosaur fossil!

Badlands Parkway

This scenic road experience provides you with outstanding scenery. The design purposefully protects unique habitats, rare and common wildlife species, hidden archaeological secrets, and a never-ending horizon.

The Parkway is an 11 km, single-lane, paved road designed for two-way traffic. It rises and falls along a historic ridge, with 6 different viewpoints of the prairie expanse. Along the way, there are 20 pull-offs placed throughout to allow oncoming traffic to pass.

Furthermore, Parks Canada has information about the Grasslands National Park and the West Block if you have additional time to spend during your trip.

In conclusion…

In the heart of the Canadian prairies, the Valley of 1000 Devils has breathtaking landscapes that compare to the Grand Canyon. As you explore this natural wonderland, you’ll discover its beauty and ancient mysteries. From the trails that lead you through canyons and rock formations to the spiritual ambiance, the Valley of 1000 Devils offers an extraordinary trip.

This hidden gem of Saskatchewan promises an experience that will linger in your heart and memory long after you leave. Embrace the unknown, immerse yourself in its tales, and let the Valley of 1000 Devils weave its spell around you. Evidence of the wonder and splendor that the natural world has to offer surrounds you.