this is me

Welcome! My name is Crystal

Let’s learn all about me! Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan! That really, REALLY cold place on the prairies of Canada! In 2015, my husband and I decided to move ourselves and our 2 youngest children to the Okanagan in British Columbia, where we spent 7 years. From mountains to forests to lakes, Canada’s west coast undeniably had it all! Presently, we find ourselves back in Regina where most of our family continues to reside. Regardless of where we’ve lived, we’ve always loved the outdoors and yearned to be in a warmer Canadian climate. Our goal is to travel the world and eventually move to a warmer, southern climate.

Places I have traveled

📍 Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan

📍 Dominican Republic – Punta Cana, Saona

📍 England – London, Greenwich, Portsmouth

📍Greece – Athens

📍Italy – Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Capri Island

📍Spain – Madrid, Seville, Granada, Toledo, Pompei

📍Morocco – Tangiers

Why I Blog

👉 Engaging with people and places that are unfamiliar to me concurrently creates opportunities for learning, empathy, and compassion. Viewing the world from a different perspective is both exciting albeit humbling. Furthermore, I want to teach others about the beauty this world has to offer. And seriously?! Who wouldn’t want to turn traveling into their career!

👉 Creating real-life experiences for my children that teach them so much more than a book ever could. As a teacher of elementary students, I have learned that allowing children to fully immerse themselves in an area of study provides more meaning and connection to the topic. Blogging also helps me to relive my experiences over and over again!

👉 As a teenager, I had several opportunities to travel around Europe! When others were busy talking about what we were doing next, I was journaling about the culture, architecture, and people. Writing about my observations was something I enjoyed and allowed me to remember every experience to this day, despite the fact I was missing out on social time.

Places to Visit

Instead of spending the rest of my life in one of the coldest places on Earth, one of my travel goals is to visit warm and sunny destinations! Something you’ll learn about me in my blog is that I love the west coast of Canada! The places I plan to visit in the future are the west coasts of South America and Australia. Considering my husband was born in Western Australia, this travel destination is a no-brainer for us!

South America

  1. Equador
  2. Chile
  3. Peru


  1. Broome
  2. Exmouth
  3. Perth

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